Overhead Crane

  • Tubular Pile Overhead Crane

    Tubular Pile Overhead Crane

    The automatic lifting clamp of the Tubular pile Overhead Crane for pipe pile production needs to provide sufficient power, and the power is divided into hydraulic and pneumatic.Read More
  • Pipe Pile Overhead Crane

    Pipe Pile Overhead Crane

    According to the characteristics of working conditions, the main technical parameters of the crane are: QE double-car bridge crane, the working level of the whole machine should be A7~A8, the operation mode is indoor operation, and the lifting weight is 8t+ according to the...Read More
  • Casting Bridge Crane

    Casting Bridge Crane

    QDY type casting Bridge crane refers to special lifting equipment for lifting ladle or other molten metal liquid. Its design and manufacture conform to JB/T7688-1 and JB/T7688.15 and the State Quality Supervision Bureau: Quality Inspection Office Special [2007]-375 document...Read More
  • Double-beam Grab Crane

    Double-beam Grab Crane

    The electric double-beam grab crane is suitable for the handling of ore, limestone, mineral powder, coke, coal sand and other bulk materials in the warehouses and workshops of metallurgical, cement, chemical and other enterprises in indoor or open air and fixed spans.Read More
  • Overhead Crane Explosion-proof

    Overhead Crane Explosion-proof

    QB type explosion-proof Overhead crane is suitable for double-girder bridge cranes working in Zones 1 and 2 with explosive gas environment, Zone 21 or Combustible dust environment, in accordance with JB5897-2006, GB/T14405-2011, GB6067 The standard stipulates that it is...Read More
  • Casting Bridge crane

    Casting Bridge crane

    Casting Bridge crane is a kind of metallurgical bridge crane dedicated to steel mills. It is one of the main transportation equipment in the steelmaking and continuous casting production process. It is mainly used for feeding cross-over converter or electric furnace against...Read More
  • Suspension Crane

    Suspension Crane

    This suspension crane is generally equipped with CD1 electric hoist. If necessary, MD1 type hoist can also be used. The running speed of the crane is 30m/min and the running speed of the hoist is 20m/min. The lifting speed of the CD1 hoist is 8m/min, and the lifting speed of...Read More
  • Wirerope Hoist Bridge Crane

    Wirerope Hoist Bridge Crane

    he LH electric wirerope hoist bridge crane is designed according to GB3811-2008 and JB/T3695-2008 standards. It is a workshop lifting equipment with A2 fixed electric hoist such as CD1, MD1 and WH164 as the lifting mechanism. It can be used for transshipment, assembly,...Read More
  • Casting Crane

    Casting Crane

    Casting crane is one of the leading products produced by our company. The main technical parameters of the foundry crane are based on the mature product parameters produced by the company over the years and combined with the demand of domestic steel mills in recent years. The...Read More
  • Grab Crane

    Grab Crane

    The QZ type grab bridge crane is suitable for the handling of ore, limestone, mineral powder, coke, coal sand and other bulk materials in the warehouses and workshops of metallurgical, cement, chemical and other enterprises. Grab is more suitable for the bulk material in...Read More
  • General Overhead Crane

    General Overhead Crane

    First, the general bridge crane: 1. This type of crane is suitable for use in various general environmental workshops. It is a common type of bridge crane for the transportation of various items. According to different utilization levels and load status, it can be divided...Read More
  • Bridge Crane Single-girder

    Bridge Crane Single-girder

    The General Single Girder Overhead Crane are used together with Electric Hoist or Chain Hoist, it is a kind of light duty crane, The single girder Overhead Crane are widely used in workshop, storage and so on for effective cost. They are applicable to the transfer, assembly,...Read More
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