Overhead Crane

  • Electric Bridge Crane

    Electric Bridge Crane

    QD type electric double girder bridge crane, crane, driving, suitable for factories, mines, enterprise workshops, warehouses, etc., for general loading and unloading and lifting transportation work in indoor or outdoor fixed spansRead More
  • Electromagnetic Double Beam Crane

    Electromagnetic Double Beam Crane

    The electromagnetic double-girder crane is composed of five parts: the bridge frame, the trolley (equipped with the lifting mechanism and the running mechanism), the electromagnetic crane running mechanism, the electrical equipment, the electromagnetic suction cup system...Read More
  • Inverter Control Overhead Crane

    Inverter Control Overhead Crane

    The frequency conversion speed double-beam crane is mainly equipped with inverter or PLC to achieve stable operation of each operating mechanism. The main frequency conversion speed control operating mechanism includes: main lifting mechanism, auxiliary lifting mechanism,...Read More
  • Electromagnetic Bridge Crane

    Electromagnetic Bridge Crane

    The QC type electromagnetic bridge crane has a removable electric disk, which is especially suitable for metallurgical factories to load and unload and transport magnetic black metal products and materials between indoor and outdoor fixed spans. It is also commonly used in...Read More
  • Overhead Crane Hoist

    Overhead Crane Hoist

    The LH overhead crane with hoist products are mainly suitable for the transshipment, assembly, overhaul and loading and unloading operations of mechanical processing workshops, metallurgical workshop auxiliary workshops, warehouses, material yards, power stations, etc.; LH...Read More
  • Electric Single-girder Bridge Crane

    Electric Single-girder Bridge Crane

    Single-girder bridge cranes include LDA-type electric single-girder bridge cranes, LD-type electric single-girder bridge cranes, HD-type European Design electric single-girder bridge cranes, and single-beam grab bridge cranes.Read More
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane With Hook

    Double Girder Overhead Crane With Hook

    The double girder overhead crane as one of the most frequently used material handling equipment in factory and plants. The hook are widely used as the lifting tool. But the hook can use together with other lifting tools, such as C hook, Lifting beams, Magnet, Hydraulic grabs...Read More
  • Winch Trolley Overhead Crane

    Winch Trolley Overhead Crane

    The Winch trolley Overhead Crane are designed as FEM and DIN standards, with CE certificate. Improve the performance and stability of the crane. The accessories are international or Chinese cutting-edge brands, and the assembly process uses the most advanced equipment and...Read More
  • Grab EOT Crane

    Grab EOT Crane

    The grab EOT crane is mainly composed of a box bridge, a grab car, a cart running mechanism, a driver's cab and an electric control system. The take-up device is a grab. A hoisting mechanism and an opening and closing mechanism are arranged on the grab trolley, and the grab...Read More
  • Side Hoist Single-girder Crane

    Side Hoist Single-girder Crane

    LD type electric single girder overhead crane has the characteristics of reasonable structure and strong rigidity. The whole machine is used together with CD1, MD1, and HC electric hoists and is a light and small lifting machine. Its lifting weight is 1t-32t. The span is...Read More
  • Electric Hoist Bridge Crane

    Electric Hoist Bridge Crane

    The Electric Hoist Overhead Crane is a kind of light duty handling crane, which electric hoist as the lifting and cross traveling system. The Electric Hoist Overhead Crane are widely used in workshop, storage and so on for effective cost. They are applicable to the transfer ,...Read More
  • Hook Bridge Crane

    Hook Bridge Crane

    Frequency Inverter Ove rhead Crane is the most widely used handling machinery currently. Characterized by reasonable structure, easy to operation and low maintenance, this kind of crane is widely used in plant, warehouse and workshop for material lifting and moving. Working...Read More
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