• Outdoor Gantry Crane

    Outdoor Gantry Crane

    Outdoor double Girder Gantry Cane is widely used in fabricate yard, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway station to load, unloading and transfer goods. This Outdoor gantry crane adopts the A type or U type...Read More
  • 10t Single Girder Overhead Crane

    10t Single Girder Overhead Crane

    10t single girder overhead crane Specification: 1. Single girder, box-type shaped by wielding; 2. High quality steel Plate Q235B and Q345B, Q345D for working temperature -40℃; 3. Main girder and end carriage connected by high strength screws; 4. Welding seams are tested by...Read More
  • Steel Billet Overhead Crane

    Steel Billet Overhead Crane

    The steel billet overhead crane are heavy duty and high efficiency at bad working environments. There are two kinds special designed overhead crane for steel billet:Read More
  • Scraps Grab Overhead Crane

    Scraps Grab Overhead Crane

    This grab overhead crane is the key device for bulk material loading & unloading and transportation used in power plant, stockyard, workshop, port and other places; for example, the scrap grab overhead crane for steel plant or fabrication factory, the garbage grab crane is...Read More
  • Gantry Crane Machine

    Gantry Crane Machine

    Gantry crane Machine The design and manufacture of Double Beam Gantry Crane Machine adopts DIN and FEM European advanced standards. Generally, the rated lifting capacity is 3T~320t. Application to factory, yard, warehouse, port, and so on for goods lifting and transfer. The...Read More
  • Overhead Crane Machine

    Overhead Crane Machine

    overhead crane machine can be divided into 2 kinds, namely single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.Read More
  • Palletizer Overhead CRANE

    Palletizer Overhead CRANE

    Intelligent bridge type palletizer is widely used in warehouses of grain, flour, starch, oil, fertilizer, feed, salt, cement and other industries. It effectively solves the problem of large workload, high labor intensity and labor demand. Many problems, low work efficiency,...Read More
  • Explosion-proof Double Girder Crane

    Explosion-proof Double Girder Crane

    The LHB type explosion-proof hoist double beam crane is matched with the HB type fixed electric hoist trolley, and has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and strong explosion-proof performance. The rated lifting capacity is 3t-32t, and the...Read More
  • Metallurgical Hoist

    Metallurgical Hoist

    Metallurgical hoist is a second-generation metallurgical wire rope electric hoist, which has made a major breakthrough in the overall design of the main engine, the second brake and the hoist reducer and motor. According to the needs of special occasions, the output brake,...Read More
  • Cleanroom Electric Hoist

    Cleanroom Electric Hoist

    Clean room Electric hoist: Application: use in dust-free environment, such as bio engineering, medical equipment, food, high-purity chemical industry, microelectronics, etc.Read More
  • Material Handing Overhead Crane

    Material Handing Overhead Crane

    Material handing overhead crane Single girder Overhead crane also called single girder bridge crane or eot crane, Which is improved and designed on the basis of LD model. It is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole.Read More
  • Material Handing Gantry Crane

    Material Handing Gantry Crane

    Material handing equipment: Gantry Crane Material handing Gantry Crane is widely used for all kinds plants, yards or port for material handing. It can equipped with different lifting device for special work. (Beam, Grab, Magnet Tongs and so on) It is prohibited for lifting...Read More

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