• Material Handing Equipment

    Material Handing Equipment

    We could offer Hoist, Overhead Crane, Gantry crane, Jib Crane and other kinds Material handing equipment.Read More
  • Lifting Equipment

    Lifting Equipment

    We could offer Hoist, Overhead Crane, Gantry crane, Jib Crane and other kinds lifting equipment.Read More
  • Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane

    Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane

    The hoist double girder overhead crane consists of four parts: box-shaped bridge frame, cart running mechanism, trolley and electrical equipment. The fixed electric hoist is installed on the small trolley frame as the hoisting mechanism.Read More
  • Electric Hoist Crane

    Electric Hoist Crane

    European Electric Hoist Crane are based on foreign advanced technology, use modular design theory and adopts modern computer technology as a means to introduce optimized design and reliability design methods, using imported configuration, new materials and new processes. A...Read More
  • Garbage Handle Overhead Crane

    Garbage Handle Overhead Crane

    Garbage handle Overhead Crane (also known as: garbage grab crane, automatic garbage grab crane) is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB, FEM, IEC and other national standards and international common standards. The structure of Garbage handle Overhead Crane has a...Read More
  • Multifunctional Crane

    Multifunctional Crane

    The roasting multifunctional crane refers to a special crane with a vacuum material conveying system, a dust removing and cooling system, and an anode carbon block clamping device, and is a special line crane for serving the anode carbon block roasting process, that is, a...Read More
  • Overhead Crane Electromagnetic Beam

    Overhead Crane Electromagnetic Beam

    Heavy Duty and High Efficient Special design for Long material, Safety and easy handle Easy for Installation and maintenance.Read More
  • Frequency Inverter Overhead Crane

    Frequency Inverter Overhead Crane

    Frequency Inverter Ove rhead Crane is the most widely used handling machinery currently. Characterized by reasonable structure, easy to operation and low maintenance, this kind of crane is widely used in plant, warehouse and workshop for material lifting and moving. Working...Read More
  • RMG Container Gantry Crane

    RMG Container Gantry Crane

    RMG container gantry crane is a special machine for stacking yards of container yards, which is widely used in port terminals and container yards. The work efficiency is high and the speed is fast. The general working level reaches A6~A7. The special container spreader can be...Read More
  • Grab Gantry Crane

    Grab Gantry Crane

    Gantry crane with grab is a gantry crane usually employed to handle bulk materials such as coal, stone, sand, metal scrap, garbage, etc. with a grab. It is mainly composed of gantry structure, trolley, lifting mechanism, electronic control and grab. The cabin also travels...Read More
  • Garbage Overhead Crane

    Garbage Overhead Crane

    The garbage grab crane is the core equipment of the garbage supply system of various garbage incineration power plants in modern cities. It is located above the garbage storage pit and mainly undertakes the operations of feeding, handling, stirring, taking and weighing the...Read More
  • Quenching Overhead Crane

    Quenching Overhead Crane

    The Quenching Overhead Crane is a bridge crane used in the vertical well quenching heat treatment process and has a rapid drop and emergency release function in an accident state. It is a special lifting device arranged in the heat treatment plant. Usually a double beam...Read More

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